Pediatric Sedation for Dental Treatment: Safety and Compliance

Released: Thursday, April 11, 2019

Expires: Saturday, April 30, 2022

By John R. Ayre, DDS

Commercial Supporter: PDS University — Institute of Dentistry

Pediatric sedation is a valuable adjunct to treatment in many cases where children are anxious or uncooperative. However, this drug-induced depression of consciousness can also pose dangers to the emotional and physical health of young patients; therefore, proper safety and training are crucial when it comes to ensuring successful sedation. A child’s response to sedatives can vary widely. The author concludes that clinicians must follow a thorough and organized process for evaluating pediatric patients, discussing sedation with parents and managing risk to carry out treatment.


  • Recognize the unique physical nature and needs of pediatric patients.
  • Ensure compliance with American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry guidelines and state sedation requirements.
  • Validate the proper training and role of auxiliary team members for monitoring during sedation.

About the Author

John R. Ayre, DDS
My Kid's Dentist and Orthodontics
Conroe, Texas

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