PDS University™ – Institute of Dentistry CE Courses

CE Webinar

Introduction to Facial Injectables

Bianca Velayo, DMD

This webinar will explore how you can incorporate Facial Injectables in your practice and take advantage of this unprecedented growth in cosmetic procedures.
1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires March 31, 2023

CE Webinar

Beyond the Boundaries of Interprofessional Communication

Irina Dragan, DMD, DDS, MS; David Alexander, BDS; Stephen Thorne, MHA; Bianca Velayo, DMD

Join PDS Founder Stephen Thorne and Practice Owner Bianca Velayo for a discussion of new models shaping the future of healthcare. 

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires May 31, 2025

CE Webinar

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: A Hidden Health Crisis

Ashley Spooner, DDS

Develop the language necessary to communicate with other sleep professionals to reduce the amount of undiagnosed and untreated OSA and help improve patient quality of life.

1 CEU • COST: $0 • Expires November 30, 2023

Featured CDEWorld Course

Making Predictable Removable Prosthodontics With Traditional and Digital Techniques

Quyen Pham, DDS

This article will explain the traditional removable device process and compare it with the new digital option. 

2 CEU • COST: $18 • Expires September 30, 2022